We all have those days, you know? The ones where our jobs feel pointless or monotonous. We become sluggish, lazy, unmotivated and these feelings bleed into how we feel about our hobbies. What a bummer! Our hobbies add zest to our lives, re-sparking the passions we only get to live out through them, but not on those days. So how do we do them anyway? How do we push through painting the roses red so that we can go home and enjoy something other than zoning out to Netflix?

I wish I could say the answer is simple, except there is no one answer. It is easy enough to say "set goals" or "just do it", but then our hobbies, our passions can start to feel more like chores. So I will explain what I do on those days instead (other than whine while drinking wine). So firstly, I always have a few different types of projects I can work on so that my hobbies and passions don't develop the same kind of monotonous tones and feelings. After that it comes down to what I definitely don't feel like doing right off the bat because if you force yourself to do something that is usually fun for you, you won't be happy with the process or outcome. I try to decide out of my different projects, what will be most relaxing or meditative? I have some mini canvases that need painting, some tiles I can use alcohol inks on, new pads to carve prints into, writing on the stories I'm working on, new pages in my bullet journal or my 300 drawing prompt book. Great, a nice variety of options, all of which require different skills in the creative world.

Again, take out the options that immediately feel more like chores than fun for that particular day. Often, when I am trying to decide, my boyfriend is also home, and he wants to just sit and watch Netflix with me. I pick a show that I know better than I know my own life (Gilmore Girls), that way I can sit with him, but still concentrate on what I want/need to do. Generally, this rules out writing, which is fine, I like doing that when I am alone anyway. This also rules out bullet journaling, as this is an alone time deal as well. I also carve alone and only to soothing music (hello, my name is Christie, and I am accident-proned). So simply due to certain circumstances, I have ruled-out many options. What I ultimately decide to do is alcohol inks because my boyfriend enjoys watching them as much as I do. 

At the end of the day, it takes a process of elimination to figure out what will end up most bringing me joy, but I do eventually get there. Sometimes, what brings me most joy is a little competitive game of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch against my boyfriend, and the creative stuff can wait one more day. Just don't let that or just sitting watching t.v. become a habit if you know you have all these other things you want to do. Excuses can be easy, but finishing a project has its own rewards. 

Let me know how you get inspired and push yourself at the end of a long day or week of painting those damn white roses red.

Are you having artist's block or writer's block? Me too, all the time! Tune in next time so we can chat about that!