In my everyday life, I am an Activities Coordinator at a resort in Arizona. At other points in my life I have been a camp counselor and a nanny. All of these jobs have allowed me to repeatedly tap into my creative side which eventually led me here. Another similarity with all of these jobs is that I have worked with people who doubt their own artistic abilities. Whether they were two, sixteen or sixty, everyone holds onto that self-doubt while still wanting so badly for their art to look like...something. 

Although it is repeatedly the subject that gets the knife first as far as funding, art is one of the most helpful subjects for life out there. Even if you never plan to do any of it professionally, art can help you see math problems differently, or be your therapy when your everyday is behind a desk. Even just learning the basics can lead to a greater appreciation as you wander through a museum or gallery. Maybe you're a big video game buff and you just bought the newest Zelda game (Breath of the Wild) and your background in art, big or small, has you absolutely breathless each time you have Link climb atop a mountain or tower. 

Art opens your mind to possiblities beyond what we believe we are capable of. Our world is in constant chaos, and a few people are out there trying to save it one way or another. National Geographic has photographers and writers and all kinds of people capturing the beauty of what exists beyond mankind, sharing it with us through beautiful protraits. 

By simply tapping into an inkling of your creative prowess, you can do so much more in your everyday life. I always believed that what I tried my hand at was only okay, that others out there were so much better than I, and in some cases that isn't wrong. But that isn't what art is about, it is about expression, about creating an extension of you, about finding a new way to calm your mind. So whatever is, don't be afraid to do it because you can! Pretty soon, I'm jumping on this kit wagon and will be making some DIY boxes in case you need a little assistance to start your journey. 

And if this post inspires you, I would love if you share some of your creations with me! Or if you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to share those as well! 

Thank you for being here; I hope you enjoyed your little cup of peas! (that's me)